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Yamaha Motor Acquires Electric Marine Propulsion Manufacturer Torqeedo – Bolstering competitiveness and accelerating carbon neutrality efforts in the Electric field of the Company’s Marine CASE Strategy –

January 19, 2024

IWATA, January 19, 2024 – Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced today that it has recently concluded a stock purchase agreement with Germany’s DEUTZ AG, which owns marine electric propulsion manufacturer Torqeedo, to acquire all of Torqeedo’s shares. This stock acquisition is premised on the acquisition of the clearances, permits, etc., required by competition laws and other regulations.

Torqeedo, a pioneer in the field of electric marine propulsion, offers a wide-ranging lineup of products, from electric outboard and inboard motors to batteries and various other accessories. With sales in the small electric motor market on the rise, mainly in Europe, Torqeedo continues to grow as a company. It also holds many patents related to electric motors, propellers, and electric systems, as well as the R&D capabilities, mass-production equipment, and development resources for next-generation environmental technologies.

Yamaha Motor’s aim in acquiring Torqeedo is to strengthen the Company’s development capabilities in the Electric field of its Marine CASE Strategy, which outlines the general direction for the Marine Products business in the current Medium-Term Management Plan. This acquisition is also meant to accelerate the Company’s efforts for achieving carbon neutrality in the marine industry as well as aid in fast-tracking the establishment of a small electric propulsion lineup. Furthermore, by combining Torqeedo’s assets with Yamaha Motor’s decades of technical expertise and know-how in hull design, marine engines, and more will birth synergies for creating mid-range electric outboard motors as the Company aims to become a leader in the growing market for electric boat propulsion.

By implementing its Marine CASE Strategy, Yamaha Motor will deliver attractive products and services with high added value to its customers and strive to achieve its Marine Long-Term Vision of being a business further increasing the value of the ocean by providing customers with a reliable and rich marine life.

News Release – Jan 2, 2024

3C Yacht Services welcomes it’s latest new business partner – Dawson Murphy, RSE

Dawson originally was an independent contractor helping 3C Yacht Services, but is now a shareholder in 3C Marine & Diesel Ltd. dba 3C Yacht Services.

Dawson recently moved to Victoria from the mainland, and has worked in the trades for 15 years.  His extensive experience ranges from heavy equipment to marine.  Most of his focus was on heavy equipment repair, but he also has experience in welding, fabrication, carpentry, graphic design, and business.

Dawson discovered a passion for boating after completing a sailing course in 2016 (shout out to Katy at Sea To Sky Sailing!).  He’s been interested in all types of vessels ever since. Dawson’s other interests include skydiving, white water rafting, and surfing.  Currently Dawson is furthering his adventure passion with attending Flight School to obtain his pilot’s license.

3C is excited to have someone of his caliber, as a shareholder, and working partner.


Use this tool from Skilled Trades BC (formerly ITA-BC) to verify that an individual has been issued a Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal in B.C.

This tool was created by the governing body of Trades BC to allow anyone to quickly verify if someone is claiming they are certified, and to help you protect yourself.

3C Yacht Services provides you with each person’s certification number(s):

With the colder temperatures now here, we are starting to see the burning issues again with the shore power plugs. With the use of heaters in the boat, the extra draw of electricity through shore power is higher, which seems to be a catalyst in the plugs burning. There are many Internet forums that discuss this issue as it it a growing concern within the industry – especially when it is unsafe and leads to a fire.

We were recently doing an annual engine service on a boat, when we smelt the ‘burning electrical – plastic’ smell, and realized it was the shore power plug – luckily we were there to unplug it, and prevented that potential boat fire!

We have research alternatives, and the SmartPlug system appears to be the best option. They state they have solved the overheating issue with a system that:

  • provides 27X more electrical contact
  • maximizes electrical transfer
  • has a multi-point locking system, and
  • has triple weatherproof seals

The Smartplug is easier to use:

  • No L-shaped pins – easy to use at night
  • Plugs straight in – no twisting required
  • no alignment issues
  • no cross threading problems
  • LED power indicator light – molded cordsets

To help with the reduction of boat fires this winter in our local waters, please contact us for a free inspection of your boat’s shore power!

I just finished another pre-purchase mechanical survey, and doing a blow-by test on the engines is part of our investigation. Each time, people always ask ‘What is blow-by?’

Basically ‘blow-by’ is the air and combustion gases from the cylinder, on top of the piston that escape past the piston rings into the crankcase. No engine will have perfect sealing rings, though as the rings, and cylinder wear the blow-by will increase giving an indication to the engine health.

Blow-by not only is a tell-tail on the engine health, but there are several negative effects. Blow-by not only pressurizes the crankcase but also introduces combustion gases that contain unburned fuel, particulate matter, and oxides of nitrogen emissions. They also create condensation due to the temperature differential of combustion gases and the crankcase.

Blow-by tears the oil from the piston and rings. At first it vaporizes and then it becomes an aerosol, which you see as a film or fumes around the crankcase vent tube. When mixed with engine oil, blow-by produces sludge and acids that attack all engine parts. The unburned fuel dilutes the lubricity and viscosity of the engine oil, attacking engine bearings, the valve train, and cylinder walls.

When the blow-by becomes more than the crankcase ventilation can handle, other problems start to happen, from blown out crankshaft main seals, to an engine ‘run away’, where the oil vapor becomes a fuel for the diesel engine and it then starts running on it’s own engine ‘oil fuel’, with no ‘standard way’ to shut it down – a run away engine is rare, but extremely dangerous.

Power Point presentation from the Mining Diesel Emissions Conference October 7-9th, 2014 – Retrofit Crankcase Ventilation for Diesel Engines: https://mdec.ca/2014/S6P2-Stekar.pdf

Controlling Blowby in Diesel Engines by Ray Bohacz, 3/20/2019 Successful Farming: https://www.agriculture.com/machinery/repair-maintenance/controlling-blowby-in-diesel-engines

Causes of Diesel Engine Oil Blow By by Tony Oldhand – It Still Runs https://itstillruns.com/causes-diesel-engine-oil-blow-6930901.html

With the recent extreme freezing temperatures, we all had to pull together to help save people’s yachts. During times like these, it’s when we all appreciate a helping hand, to look after each others’ boats, to set heaters to prevent freezing, broken pipes, shovel snow, etc!

3C Yacht Services has decided to offer monitoring services to help out, and to offer the Basic monitoring package FREE to our regular local clients during times like these of extreme cold.

Package: Basic (Free for our local regular clients during freezing temp conditions)

  • Monthly Visual Check – External, and Internal (more frequently depending on weather)
  • Verify electrical power is ok
  • Verify internal temp is ok
  • Verify bilges ok
  • Visual Check on snow load
  • Emergency calls 24/7

Package: Plus

  • Basic plus the additional
  • Sign off on visit once per month
  • Monthly report
  • Electrical power – Documentation of Amps, and Volts
  • Test Bilge Pumps once a month
  • Start Engines once a month to circulate engine oil and help protect from internal corrosion
  • Visual check on engines / Engine Room / Thru Hulls

Package: Custom / Additional items

  • Snow Removal as required
  • Addition of BRNKL boat monitoring systems

Cummins 6BTA5.9 professionally rebuilt, higher end components than OEM, new camshafts for more power, and better fuel efficiency.. Balanced, Magnafluxed (Blueprinted)! This is definitely not your average Cummins 5.9 anymore!

There is something special about when a client takes their newly powered boat out, running it up and having this huge smile, and saying:

“This is the fastest this boat has ever gone!”

Complete Amsoil treatment throughout – Amsoil Assembly lube, Amsoil break-in lubrication. Amsoil Signature Series Max-Duty 15w-40 Diesel oil, and Amsoil Filters, to give these engines the best of the best! Even the Coolant is Amsoil’s amazing Low-Toxicity, Bio-degradable coolant with specs even the US Military uses!

Twin Cummins 6BTA5.9’s lifted out for rebuilding after the interior, galley, and seating was removed to gain access.

Staging – removal of the engine from the ‘hole’, where the ‘hole’ was shorter and narrower than the engine! Some items removed from the engine, and with some very careful lifting with our specialized Gantry for jobs like this, one engine was staged to the center to the door, and readied for the crane to make that final lift out through the door, as seen behind the engine.

Crane arrived, setup, and then attached to the staged engine, and ‘threaded the needle‘ through the doorway without any damage, or issue.

After the 1st engine was out, then the 2nd engine was lifted out of it’s hole with the Gantry, and moved over to the center of the doorway again – staging it for the crane and lift out.

A lot of thought, and planning went into this to ensure a smooth process, without any issues or collateral damage. A thank you goes out to Vic City Crane, as a good crane operator is imperative to this project. A thank you to Anderson Precision Engines, as they will be ensuring a professional rebuild at their machine shop.

Twin Cummins 6BTA5.9’s getting ready to be lifted out for rebuilding after the interior, galley, and seating was removed to gain access.

Staging – removal of the engine from the ‘hole’, where the ‘hole’ was shorter and narrower than the engine! Some items removed from the engine, and with some very careful lifting with our specialized Gantry for jobs like this, one engine is now staged, and ready for the crane to make that final lift out through the door, as seen behind the engine – stay tuned!!