Rebuilding Engines from a difficult access scenario – part 3

Twin Cummins 6BTA5.9’s lifted out for rebuilding after the interior, galley, and seating was removed to gain access.

Staging – removal of the engine from the ‘hole’, where the ‘hole’ was shorter and narrower than the engine! Some items removed from the engine, and with some very careful lifting with our specialized Gantry for jobs like this, one engine was staged to the center to the door, and readied for the crane to make that final lift out through the door, as seen behind the engine.

Crane arrived, setup, and then attached to the staged engine, and ‘threaded the needle‘ through the doorway without any damage, or issue.

After the 1st engine was out, then the 2nd engine was lifted out of it’s hole with the Gantry, and moved over to the center of the doorway again – staging it for the crane and lift out.

A lot of thought, and planning went into this to ensure a smooth process, without any issues or collateral damage. A thank you goes out to Vic City Crane, as a good crane operator is imperative to this project. A thank you to Anderson Precision Engines, as they will be ensuring a professional rebuild at their machine shop.