3C Yacht Services, a group of professionals coming together with better ideas for better customer relationships with a commitment to ‘No Surprise Billings’.

We believe a company is less about a name and more about the professionals who take pride in their workmanship. We feel it is important for you to know who is working on your vessel and their level of qualifications including their education and experience. We will provide you with a copy of each professional’s certificates upon request, as well as they can be verified with “Skilled Trades BC”, formerly called ITA-BC.

Know your professional: You contract with a company to look after your vessel, but do you know who is really working on it? Use this tool to verify ANYONE’s trade certification with Skilled Trades BC

This section will introduce the professionals that will be working on your vessel. We encourage you to get to know them – you can chat with them in the web portal, and will quickly understand that our professionals take a high pride in their workmanship, so you can take high pride in your ownership!


Raymond Albers, ACSM, RSE
Red Seal Heavy Duty Technician with marine certifications and experience, with a background in business management (ACSM) and IT (IBM Education and Dell).

  • ITA Certificate #:00084-HD-17; IPSE #: K-06-102044
  • NMEA Marine Electronics Installer #3135
  • NMEA 2000 Installer #2303
  • 2024 Canada Raymarine

Raymond lives within a 5 minute walk from Canoe Cove Marina, and as a foodie is passionate about his small orchard of lemons, limes, and other exotic fruit that he grows here in North Saanich. Raymond and his wife host private dinner parties in the orchard during the summer and fall.

“The safety of everyone on board your yacht depends on its reliability. Who would you trust working on your baby, to ensure this safety: a Red Seal Certified Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic, or ‘just a someone’ who has completed a 3 day ‘diesel mechanics’ course?”

The Heavy Duty Technician program is a 4 year, 7,200 hour apprenticeship program with formal training on big iron equipment. Recognized throughout North America, the Red Seal endorsement (RSE) is ‘the Best of the Best’, and certified Canada wide. Raymond was top in his class and consistently made the Dean’s list each year. Your expensive high performance engines are in good hands with Raymond

Laurent “Larry” Fortin

Mobile Hydraulics: Assembler, Shop Tech, Field service Tech, System design, Educator, Regional distributor sales, OEM Sales.

  • 2024 Canada Raymarine

Canadian Mobile Sales Manager, Western distribution sales manager.

Technical and sales training.

Danfoss, Parker, Poclain, Linde, Commercial, Vickers, Turolla, Haldex, Barns, Durst, Bonfiglioli.

“As a yacht owner, racer Larry truly understand how important it is to have trust and confidence with whomever works on a boat. Reliability is key to enjoying ownership.”

Larry has enjoyed thirty plus years in the fluid power business. It has afforded him world travel and especially getting to know all corners of Canada and our people. As a Lloyds certified hydraulic technician (ret.) he has supervised and repaired steering and pitch systems on ships within the St-Lawrence river and  gulf.

Larry enjoys racing other peoples boats and plying our coast with his own yacht. With 3C Marine now now fully immersed in the coastal experience and loving it.

Rick Taylor

Richard Taylor, RSE
Red Seal Heavy Duty Technician with a wide range of certifications and experience, including:

  • Registered Level “A” welder
  • Propane, Natural Gas and CNG
  • Motor Coach Air Conditioning
  • Mobile Hydraulics – Bosch Rexroth
  • ITA Certificate #:00242-HD-12; IPSE #: K-06-081849

Rick’s strong work ethics really plays well with being a collaborative team player! He is a detailed oriented, analytical problem solver and critical thinker with great interpersonal skills. He has proven to be a major team player in larger projects within the marine industry. His life experiences include working up North in Cambridge Bay, NU, as well as a Manager in Burns Lake, BC, and a welding instructor at Northwest Community College in Houston/Smithers, BC

James White, RSE
Red Seal Red Seal Electrician with Marine Experience

  • ITA Certificate #:00041-EW-19; IPSE #: K-04-110912

James has 10 years electrical experience, mostly within the industrial marine industry working on vessels ranging in size from smaller yachts to large commercial ships. James has the unique ability to not only be detail orientated. but able to see the big picture as well, and provides a lot of good insight to each project. James skills are not only limited to power and electronics, but is a very multi-talented person.

His passion is his race car, and due to his “can do anything” work ethic, he has developed many other skill sets including metal fabrication, welding, and machinist.

James is a natural fit with the 3C family as he prides himself on quality of work and providing a quality product with attention to detail!

Kasey Best Livingston, RSE
Red Seal Heavy Duty Technician with marine experience

ITA Certificate #:xxxxx-HD-xx; IPSE #: K-06-xxxxxx

Kasey’s get it done attitude, even with the toughest of jobs is inspiring to us all at 3C. She has the experience, and educational background to be at the top of this field, the aptitude to do it right, and the attitude to tackle anything that comes her way!

We are looking for others to be part of the team – if you are at the top of your field, a perfectionist then maybe you want look at joining the 3C family. The pay is the highest in the industry, and shares in the company are offered to those that are a great fit, to become a partner in the firm. As you can see, we take a lot of pride in who we are. If you think you would be a good fit to this organization, please contact us.


We are looking for someone to be part of the team, as Concierge staff. As you can see, we take a lot of pride in who we are. If you think you would be a good fit to this organization, please contact us.

Office Staff

Maya and Lucifer – Support Staff

We are looking for someone to be part of the team, as office staff. As you can see, we take a lot of pride in who we are. If you think you would be a good fit to this organization, please contact us.