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Twin Cummins 6BTA5.9’s getting ready to be lifted out for rebuilding after the interior, galley, and seating was removed to gain access.

The Cummins 6BTA5.9 engines do not have replaceable liners like their bigger cousins, so a proper engine rebuild requires services from a professional engine machine shop where the engines are dissembled, measured, and then machined to specifications ensuring a reliable and bullet-proof rebuild.

Once the engines are rebuilt, they will be run up on a dyno for the break-in, as well as to ensure the engines are running at 100% before going back into the ‘hole’. The other benefit to running the engines on the dyno – the team will tweak the engines for maximum fuel efficiency!

Next will be the removal of the engines – stay tuned!!

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Bottom paint and detail. Going above and beyond with pride in workmanship. Building new friendships.

Boat was lifted out for the weekend, crew worked throughout the weekend, wet sanding, prepping for the 2 applications of bottom paint, and then detailing from the Gunwale down to the boot stripe. Splashed back in Monday morning with very happy customers, and new friends!